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Jim Landtroop
"Tuffy" Hamilton
State Rep. - District 19
Big Government Republican
Chairman of House Licensing
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Representative Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton is ready to do the bidding of Speaker Straus and his legislative lackeys so much that he moved to run against Taxpayer Champion and conservative leader James White.

Hamilton, only a C+ on the Fiscal Responsibility Index, could have stayed put and ran against former Democrat Allan Ritter. Ritter was one of only a handful of Republicans who failed the Fiscal Responsibility Index. But Straus couldn’t have two of his lackeys run against each other, could he?

Last session, Straus appointed Hamilton to chair the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee, where all gambling bills are sent for consideration. Hamilton led his committee to pass a bill expanding gambling – one Speaker Straus and his family would have profited handsomely from.

Rep. Ritter supports gambling and was a staunch ally of Straus during the speaker’s race.

But if the good ol’ boy style of Rep. Hamilton’s politics isn’t enough to convince you of his lackluster leadership, take a look at some of the votes he cast during the 82nd session.

Instead of putting more money in the hands of school districts, Rep. Hamilton voted to continue funding the bloated and obsolete Texas Education Agency.

He voted against protecting private property rights by opposing a “necessary takings clause” that would have required entities with eminent domain authority prove their seizures are needed.

Hamilton also did nothing to protect the state’s Rainy Day Fund voting against protecting the RDF in budget negotiations with the Senate. In the special session, he voted with liberals and big-spending moderates to automatically draw-down the RDF during the current biennium.

He voted for more bureaucracy, more government interference in the marketplace, and more inefficient government operations, including supporting the use of seniority to determine furloughs in state agencies instead of a merit-based system.

In addition to his C+ from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Hamilton also scored a dismal 63 from the Young Conservatives of Texas and a 67 from the Heritage Alliance. Hamilton has refused to sign the Taxpayer Pledge – one can only assume he will vote to raise taxes.

This upcoming primary will be a referendum on conservatism vs. cronyism in the Texas House. If Texans was true leadership, they must oppose lackeys like Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton.
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